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Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Internet is now a mobile first world. In 2015 Google released Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as an open source project for web developers to deliver faster loading websites for an optimized mobile experience.

Since then AMP has been adopted by major publishers, including the Washington Post, CNBC, and Hearst newspapers, as well as large ecommerce sites, including EBay and Event Tickets Center. The results have been impressive:

Washington Post

The Washington Post page load times improved by 88% and return visitors increased 23%.


CNBC decreased mobile page load times by 387% and saw a 22% increase in search users returning within 7 days.

Hearst Newspapers

Hearst Newspapers saw a 237% increase in ad CTR and reduced page load times by 83%.

Events Ticket Center

Event Tickets Center saw a 20-30% lift in conversions across all of their mobile ad campaigns and has now switched to 100% AMP landing pages.