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Accelerate Patterns
WordPress patterns are block HTML you can insert into your pages/posts.

This plugin allows you to create, manage and edit your own WordPress patterns, then insert them into your site from the Pattern Inserter or Explorer. Preview and manage you patterns from a fmailiar interface. Edit and improve your patterns over time.

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Accelerate Blocks
Fast, powerful, dynamic, mobile-responsive, AMP-compliant blocks.

This plugin gives you access to the blocks you want to use and the power to employ them across your site. The blocks have advanced styling options at each depth of their stucture. You can save and manage your own blocks that can be inserted through the pattern inserter…. but better than that, they can be linked to blocks on your pages/posts to keep their styles/content up to date.

Accelerate Theme
Fast, powerful, dynamic, mobile-responsive, AMP-compliant theme.

This theme has extensive styling options including a block-driven Heading Block Styles Editor that lets you style the WordPress Heading blocks across your site from one powerful block editor.

This theme is AMP ready if your site uses the official AMP plugin… though tests show that it runs faster on it’s own.

Deprecated AMP Publisher Products

We have decided to deprecate all AMP Publisher software created prior to 2022 and start fresh with a new approach to developing WordPress blocks and themes. Recent speed test have proved that our new software is actually faster without AMP. It uses AMP components for specific needs only when necessary, but otherwise stands on it’s own as the fastest solution we can offer.

Old AMP Publisher products will still be available for download and registration to those who purchased them, login to access your software in “My Account”.

  • AMP Publisher Blocks – The Accelerate Blocks plugin re-uses the old blocks as a base, then grows upon them with more options and convenient presets.
  • AMP for Woo – This may come back in a new form in the future, but for now AMP is not the focus, so no longer is this product.
  • Accelerate Themes – The new “Accelerate Theme” is a revised version of the old with native speed as the focus. Anyone using the “AMP Publisher Accelerate” theme should experience a smooth conversion to the “Accelerate Theme”, thought some features are no longer available.