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Accelerate Pro Woo takes your WooCommerce website to a whole new level. The product of three years of dedicated AMP WordPress development, Accelerate Pro Woo is the world’s first full-featured native AMP WooCommerce solution.

“You need to go AMP because you need a screaming fast website, not for just SEO but also conversion. You will tank your conversion if your site is slow loading. Which is why I’m so excited about Accelerate AMP. It’s the best native AMP WooCommerce solution that I’ve seen.” ~ Stephen Spencer – Author of The Art of SEO

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Site speed is a critical component in the success or failure of a website. Studies have shown that 40% of visitors will leave if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Every 1 second of delay in page load leads to a 7% decline in conversions. Slow websites fail. AMP websites are lighting fast.

A study by Forrester Research, Inc. showed AMP pages delivered a 20% increase in conversion rates, a 10% increase in site traffic, and 60% increase in page views per visit.

Over a third of the world’s websites are built in WordPress. Native AMP WordPress themes combine the best of the open source WordPress community with the speed and security of AMP to create websites that provide a great user experience. The benefits of AMP include great search engine optimization (SEO) and more secure websites.

Combine the power of easy to use WordPress themes and plugins with AMP to quickly create high performance websites and landing pages.

About AMPWPTools

Typically AMP pages are stripped down versions of regular web pages, with very limited formatting which strips out videos, ads, comments, etc. We only approve themes that offer the benefits of AMP without sacrificing any of the functionality you expect in a modern fully responsive website. All themes and plugins approved for sale on AMPWPTools are verified to pass AMP validation.

(Note: some WordPress plugins will cause themes that are valid AMP to fail validation. Always test your plugins to ensure they don’t break validation. All plugins sold on AMPWPTools have been tested and confirmed to not break AMP validation.)