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Introductory Special Offer

For a limited time we’re offering unlimited licenses and lifetime updates on all AmpWPTools themes and plugins purchased from this introductory offer. We realize making the move to AMP WordPress is a big step and we want to make it as easy as possible to get started.


Boost Your Conversions and Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

With the AMP Publisher Woo plugin you can easily turn your WooCommerce store and product pages into a fully compliant native AMP pages for higher conversions and better search engine rankings.


  • AMP Publisher Woo – Bridge Between AMP and WooCommerce (user manual)
    • Force non-AMP on WooCommerce Cart, Checkout and Account pages and enable AMP on Product pages.
    • Filter the Add-to-Cart form and button on Product pages to use AJAX for submitting and returning WooCommerce notices.
    • Add Search Product field and View Cart button to Store and Product Category pages.
      • Shortcode for adding Product Search and Cart button to any page.
    • Filter Woo breadcrumbs to use Store as Home (base link).
    • Filter data into the Order-By field for compliance.
    • Customizer setting for enabling Gutenberg interface on Products.
    • Include a Return to Shop button on cart page when Woo does not include it.
  • AMP Publisher Power Core – Framework plugin required for functionality, registration and API Access.
    • All of our software (themes and plugins) require this free plugin to handle registration, cross-product and shared functions, as well as API access in the near future.
    • Interface for managing software and connecting to software resources on
    • Customizer style settings allow Global defaults for all blocks as well as block-specific defaults, block level settings override defaults.
    • Enable access to Reusable Blocks (post type) the WP Admin Menu.
    • Includes a widget for using reusable blocks in widget (sidebar) locations provided by your theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AMP Woo Work on Storefront Themes?

Yes, AMP Woo has been tested on Storefront and Storefront child themes and it will create valid AMP store, category, and product pages while keeping the core WooCommerce checkout process fully functional. It is the only plugin on the market that creates native AMP pages for boosting your conversion rate and increasing your search engine rankings.

Does AMP Woo Work on Genesis Themes?

Genesis 3.0+ incorporates AMP into its framework however it breaks the WooCommerce checkout. AMP Woo allows you to create AMP WooCommerce store, category, and prodcut pages without breaking the checkout flow. AMP Woo will not effect non-Woo AMP pages on Genesis sites so you can use the plugin in conjunction with your Genesis child theme.

Can I Use AMP Woo with the Astra AMP Theme?

Yes, AMP Woo will fix the issues with WooCommerce created by the Astra AMP theme. The Astra AMP theme breaks the WooCommerce checkout flow. Adding AMP Woo fixes the issue and gives you the option to create native AMP store, category, and product pages.

Will My Pages Look the Same with AMP Woo?

It depends on your theme. For AMP validation your pages must stay under the 50kb CSS limit. If your theme uses more than that the excess CSS code will be stripped out to get down to 50kb. This can change the look of your site. You may want to consider switching to the Accelerate Pro Woo theme, which was designed to be native AMP compliant so all of your pages will look exactly how you design them.


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