AMPWPTools News to Know Round-Up: March 2021

Like many developers, we here at AMPWPTools are closely watching the news as the debut of Google’s Page Experience update draws nearer. Of course we also realize that not everyone has the time to discover and consume every article published on the matter. With that in mind, we’ve combed through the previous month’s batch of news to highlight the top developments, insights, and commentary items you should know about.

In this round-up, we’ll be featuring the top news items related to AMP, Core Web Vitals, and WordPress from March 2021.

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Boosts Core Web VitalsSearch Engine Journal

Last month, WordPress released its Gutenberg 10.1 update. In exciting news for developers, the latest version includes improvements that could decrease page load times, leading to better Core Web Vital scores. For those curious about the enhancements and how they were achieved, this post details the changes and what they mean for WordPress users.

Google: Pages With Core Web Vitals May Have Tiny Ranking AdvantageSearch Engine Roundtable

It’s no secret the reason most developers are interested in Core Web Vitals is so they might gain or retain a ranking advantage. Thus, some have been questioning if pages that pass Core Web Vitals field data tests will have a leg up. While a lot is up in the air, tweets from Googlers do suggest a small boost is possible for those that pass CWV.

Optimizing Your AMP Page Experience for Core Web VitalsAMP Developers Blog

Considering what Core Web Vitals will measure, AMP pages will already have a few advantages. Nevertheless, there are steps that AMP users can take to further optimize their pages for the impending update. For specifics, this post from the AMP Developers Blog offers some best practices.

Research: Core Web Vitals Ranking Boost by IndustrySearch Engine Journal

It should come as no surprise that Page Experience Update will impact various industries and verticals in different ways. While some niches are likely to see boosts with minimal effort, sites for other types of businesses may have a harder time adjusting. In this report, BrightEdge looks at four particular industries and how Core Web Vitals are expected to affect them.

7 Latest Technology Trends That Are Evolving the Mobile App Development Industry The Future of Things

While the advantages of AMP can be seen on any platform, they are most pronounced on mobile devices (hence the “mobile” in “accelerated mobile pages)/. Because of this, sites with a mostly mobile audience can greatly benefit from using AMP — which is why this post includes the open-source initiative as one of the tech trends evolving the app development industry.

Google: Bad Idea To Make Your Images Low Quality To Improve Core Web Vital ScoresSearch Engine Roundtable

Finally, with the Page Experience Update now just around the corner, desperate developers may be cooking up different schemes to try to improve their Core Web Vitals by any means necessary. For example, some have wondered if using low-quality images might be a benefit from a page speed perspective. As it turns out, such a move might work in the short term but, as Google’s John Mueller reminds us, “[I]f users don’t like your content, they’re unlikely to convert,” making this a bad idea overall.

That wraps up the March review. As you can tell Core Web Vitals is on a lot of people’s minds. Fortunately incorporating AMP can go a long ways towards improving your scores. As always feel free to reach out or comment if you have questions.