AMPWPTools News to Know Round-Up: June 2021

We’ve combed through the previous month’s batch of news to highlight the top developments, insights, and commentary items you should know about. In this round-up, we’ll be featuring the top news items related to AMP, Core Web Vitals, WordPress, and more from June 2021.

The Importance of AMP In the Era Of Fast Internet Entrepreneur

With 5G rolling out across parts of the United States and beyond, mobile data speeds are increasing. Because of this, some might assume that the need for AMP is waning. However, even with fast Internet speeds, AMP and AMP ads can still create a better user experience.

CSS for Web

As developers continue to optimize Core Web Vitals, any practical advice to be found could be potentially helpful. For those in search of such suggestions, this guide focuses on CSS-related techniques for improving CWV scores. This includes detailed examples for developers to follow.

How To Get a 90+ Core Web Vitals Score For An Ecommerce Store (Case Study)My Wife Quit Her Job

When you consider what Core Web Vitals demand, it’s easy to see why ecommerce sites and the like may have particularly hard times achieving passing CWV scores. After all, such sites are often image-heavy and may include other features that aren’t as fast-loading as one would hope. Nevertheless, this real-world case study looks at how one ecommerce site still managed to earn a solid core web vital score.

Google’s June 2021 Core Update Was Slow to Roll Out; Here is What the Data Providers SawSearch Engine Land

Early in the month, Google officially began rolling out its latest core update — not to be confused with the Core Web Vitals/Page Experience Update. Despite debuting on June 2nd, the update’s effects were mostly delayed for a few days. In any case, this post looks at some of the early data on the update’s impacts.

Winners and Losers of Google’s June 2021 Core UpdateAmsive Digital

As the June core update rolled out, some notable sites say significant increases to their total visibility. Meanwhile, others took a bit of a tumble. In particular, this article highlights 50 early “winners” and “losers” along with some takeaways from the results.

The Powerful Link Between Accessibility, SEO, and GooglePerficient

Taking a slight detour outside the worlds of AMP and Core Web Vitals, it’s important to keep in mind what the beliefs behind many of Google’s various efforts are: accessibility. Whether this means ensuring that those in developing countries with slower data speed can still access pages or providing content to those with disabilities, following Google’s guidelines can serve to make your site more inclusive. In fact, there may be a stronger link between accessibility and SEO than some may realize.

One last note, I’ll be presenting on Core Web Vitals and AMP at Word Camp Santa Clarita this Saturday July 17 at 11am PT. It’s free to attend online to sign up if you are interested. I’ll be there live to answer questions.

That wraps up the June review. As you can tell Core Web Vitals is on a lot of people’s minds. Fortunately incorporating AMP can go a long way towards improving your scores. As always feel free to reach out or comment if you have questions.