AMPWPTools News to Know Round-Up: April 2021

Like many developers, we here at AMPWPTools are closely watching the news as the debut of Google’s Page Experience update draws nearer. Of course we also realize that not everyone has the time to discover and consume every article published on the matter. With that in mind, we’ve combed through the previous month’s batch of news to highlight the top developments, insights, and commentary items you should know about.

In this round-up, we’ll be featuring the top news items related to AMP, Core Web Vitals, and WordPress from April 2021.

Preserving User Privacy with Granular Consent in AMP AMP Developers Blog

In recent years, consumers have grown increasingly aware of the importance of online privacy. As a result, some users may appreciate more options when it comes to their privacy settings. With that in mind, AMP now supports granular consent.

Advanced Core Web Vitals: A Technical SEO Guide Search Engine Journal

One of the reasons why developers should concern themselves with Core Web Vitals is the potential SEO impact that these metrics will have. However, while testing your site and viewing the results can be helpful, it’s also important to understand what goes into these figures and how to troubleshoot if your site is falling short. This deep dive takes a technical look at the Core Web Vital elements and what developers need to know about each one.

Diving Into the New Cumulative Layout ShiftWebPageTest Blog

With Google making the rare decision to announce their impending update ahead of time, the company has also made tweaks to its metrics ahead of the planned roll-out. A key example of this is a recent update to how Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) metrics will be reported. In this post, take a closer look at what the move means for Core Web Vital scores and more.

Majority of Websites Currently Fail to Meet Google’s Core Web Vitals User Experience RequirementsInternet Retailing

Sadly, while it may not come as a big shock, it seems as though most websites are not ready for the Page Experience Update. In fact, more than 90% of websites tested failed to meet Core Web Vital standards. With some time left before the update, there are several things that developers can do to get their sites into shape.

WordPress Checklist: 17 Steps to Launching Your SiteSearch Engine Journal

Finally, for those looking to launch a new site, WordPress can be a well-rounded option. However, to get the most from your WordPress site, you’ll need to complete some important steps. Luckily, this checklist can help you cover all of your bases.

That wraps up the April review. As you can tell Core Web Vitals is on a lot of people’s minds. Fortunately incorporating AMP can go a long ways towards improving your scores. As always feel free to reach out or comment if you have questions.