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AMP for Woo User Manual

Amp for Woo picks up where the AMP plugin leaves off, making your WooCommerce store AMP compatible. WooCommerce uses Javascript to power a number of things on product and product category pages, so we employ alternative solutions or button interactions using AMP-friendly syntax to communicate with the srever through AJAX. This allows your store to work as close to intended as possible, while meeting AMP’s validation requirements.

AMP’s greatest power is to aid Google in creating better search results, some pages on your store do not benefit from this. We actually force the AMP plugin to ignore the “cart”, “checkout” and “account” pages, leaving the WooCommerce technology intact.

Using the AMP for Woo plugin is very easy, little instruction is needed. Just install, activate and go. There a number of options for using the plugin’s features, all of which can be accessed through the WP Customizer interface. Open the Customizer, then open the AMP Publisher Software panel, and finally the AMP Publisher Woo panel. The options here enable/disable features emplyed by the plugin. Visit the AMP for Woo Customizer Settings Guide for a list and descriptions for these options.