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AMP For Woo Settings Guide

Most of the functionality in the AMP for Woo plugin happens behind the scenes, but you do have a few options available. We utilize the WordPress Customizer as an interface for managing settings, this page is an automated overview of those settings available to the plugin.

AMP Publisher Woo

Edit Products in Gutenberg ~ Enable the Guteberg editor on WooCommerce Products. (uses classic editor by default)
Shop Search/Cart Bar ~ Include a Product Search field and Cart button on the shop page.
Product Tabs Custom Styling ~ Enable enhanced custom styling of the WooCommerce product description tabs.
Product Content Without Tabs ~ Display product description and content as Heading/Content sections instead of tabs. (styling is ignored)
Product Gallery Border Color ~ Choose the border color around product image gallery thumbnails. This only applies when not using AMP_Carousel.
Product Image Lightbox ~ Enable the amp-image-lightbox component on WooCommerce product pages. Images expand to full-browser size upon click.
AMP-Carousel on Products ~ Enable the amp-carousel component on WooCommerce product pages. Image galleries are converted into a slideshow on products with more than image.
AMP-Carousel Loop ~ Allow navigation from last slide to first slide using next slide button. Also loops when autoplay is enabled.
AMP-Carousel Autoplay ~ Run carousel as a slideshow by navigating through the images automatically.
AMP-Carousel Delay ~ Amount of time to display each image when running as a slideshow.
AMP-Carousel Aspect Ratio ~ Ratio of width to height for display of the carousel.
Selected Variation Image ~ When a variation (a combination of variable options) is selected, you may show the chosen variation image in the product description and/or the product image location.